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Medical Peer Review Through a unique team consisting of staff with varied backgrounds including administration, claims adjusting, nursing, medicine, and information technology, RyCo MedReview is able to offer superior customer service tailored to your needs including:

Flexible pricing structure––Flat fee or Individual pricing. 24-hour website access for clients to their own reviews. On-line secured processing and Instant Chat via website.

RyCo MedReview is dedicated to lowering costs associated with medical claims industry wide through the following services:

  • Compensability Analysis—our unique answer to assist adjusters in determining the probable compensability of a claim during the initial phase of the asserted injury.  This early analysis will allow an adjuster to process or dispute the file in a timely manner.  The physician reviewer will review, analyze, and assess the asserted injury event on evidence-based medical and scientific concepts.  Developed with physician support and available as a flat fee service, this front-end service is invaluable to the claims adjuster early in the claims process.
  • Peer Reviews—Performed by board-certified physicians and includes a quick reference email ‘bullet point summary” of physician opinion, followed by detailed physician review in formal report.
  • Impairment Rating Reviews—Performed by appropriately qualified physicians to provide an evaluation of MMI/Impairment assigned by a physician or Designated Doctor.
  • DWC Form 32 Submission for Designated Doctor Exam Process Completion
  • DWC Form 22 Submission for Required Medical Evaluation Process Completion
  • Future Medical Cost Analysis—for reserve setting and settlement issues.
  • Life Care Plans—for catastrophic injury cases performed by a RN/Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP)
  • Medical File Reviews—for open medical issue identification and resolution recommendations on ongoing or aged cases by an RN with 16 years experience in worker’s compensation case management.

Additionally, RyCo MedReview is:

  • A TDI certified Independent Review Organization (IRO) - #IRO5345
  • A TDI certified Utilization Review Agent (URA) - #URA05409

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Injured workers who stay at work

or who are returned to productive work, as soon as possible following an injury, require less medical care and experience less disability, workers' compensation medical costs are significantly reduced.

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