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Compensability Analysis

  • Assists adjuster to determine compensability of claim during initial phase of asserted injury.
  • Facilitates early dispute or process of a claim.
  • Review and analysis by Physician Reviewer who will assess the injury event providing an evidence-based medical and scientific opinion.
  • Unique, invaluable product developed with physician support .
  • Particularly useful when claim is for a repetitive injury, involves no specific or vague described injury event or if physical examination post-injury include findings that may be a natural progression of life or related to co-morbidities.
  • Available as a flat-fee service with rapid turn around.
Save MoneyCompensability Analysis is an aid available for an adjuster to utilize a physician reviewer to determine the probable compensability of a claim during the initial phase of the asserted injury.  This early analysis will allow an adjuster to process or dispute the file in a timely manner.  The physician reviewer will review, analyze, and assess the asserted injury event on evidence-based medical and scientific concepts.  The physician reviewer will then provide an opinion regarding the compensability of the asserted injury.  This opinion will be in the form of a narrative report, thus assisting the adjuster in a claim determination.

The Compensability Analysis reviewer will utilize appropriately contemporary literature, Official Disability Guidelines, Medical Disability Adviser, and ACOEM, as well as the reviewer’s experience, education, knowledge and training as a board certified physician.


Injured workers who stay at work

or who are returned to productive work, as soon as possible following an injury, require less medical care and experience less disability, workers' compensation medical costs are significantly reduced.

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