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Future Medical Cost Analysis

    Future Medical Cost...
  • Assists adjuster in setting reserves for future lifetime medical care and assessing valuation during settlement phase.
  • Serves as a 'blueprint' for anticipated future lifetime medical care.
  • Useful when injury results in chronic conditions including but not limited to failed back syndrome, chronic pain syndrome, paraplegia, limb amputation, head injury,  total joint replacement, and anyone with a permanently implanted device.
  • Most useful after MMI assigned and ongoing medical issues persist.
  • Performed by experienced RN/MBA who is a Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP).
  • Rapid turn around and user friendly report format including injury summary and detailed annual and lifetime cost projections.


Disability management

is an integrated approach to optimizing health care and return to work outcomes for injured employees while serving the interests of all workers’ compensation participants. Disability management strategies include Treatment Guidelines, Return to Work Guidelines, and Preauthorization. Additional approaches to disability management include treatment planning, treatment protocols, employer return to work programs, case management and benchmarking.

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